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Large Pies - Sweet

All sweet pies are made from a delicious hand made, sweet short crust pastry that maintains its crisp, freshly baked texture when defrosted and heated in accordance with instructions.

Apple based pies are made from chunks of Bramley apple and are bound in a fruity syrup.

Fruit pies are available in 10" diameter deep filled pies, either uncut or pre-portioned by 10. A choice of pastry top is available for some, being either lattice or full top.

A portion of Applie and Mincemeat Lattice Pie

Apple & Mincemeat Lattice Pie

A portion of Deep Apple Pie

Deep Apple Pie

Sweet Pies 2kg Whole

All pies are pre-portioned into 10 portions.

10" diameter Apple Pie

Deep filled with chunks of Bramley apples and bound in a fruity syrup, dusted with a sweet frost for superior finish.

10" diameter Cherry Pie

Deep filled with succulent whole red cherries in a sweet cherry sauce, dusted with a sweet frost.

10" diameter Apple and Blackberry Pie

Deep filled with the two distinctive tastes of Bramley apples and blackberries, blended to give a lively fruity mixture.

10" diameter Fluted Apple and Mincemeat Lattice Pie

A rich mince meat mixed with Bramley apple contained in a sweet pastry base with a decorative lattice top.

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